The Paragon Press is an small independent publishing house that publishes literary magazines, chapbooks, and novellas. 

The Pharmacy Theatre is a small experimental theatre in Central Pennsylvania.

The Press accepts submission year round and decisions will come out on a rolling basis. If you do not hear back from us within 30 days please feel free to send our publisher, Austin Shay, an email at He will be happy to answer that question for you.

The majority of the Paragon Press publications are online only, so there will not be a physical copy of the publication. If this is something that bothers you please do not submit. 

We require First Serial Rights as well the right to Archive your submission. All copyright revert back to author after publication.

We also do not pay our authors, so if you are accepted do not ask for payment because we will automatically deny your submission after that.

If your piece is accepted, we will take your submission as permission to publish if we do not hear back from you.

We are seeking queer individuals to conduct interviews with to create a series of monologues.

Use this form to submit plays for possible production in our upcoming season.

At Rise: An Anthology of Short Plays is seeking ten minute plays to be including in an anthology. We are looking for plays that fit into these categories:

-centers characters of color

-centers female characters

-centers LGBTQ characters

When submitting and writing please consider the following:

-stick to ten minutes

-create a story with an arc

-take risks

-develop your characters 

Aftercare: A Sex Positive Journal brings a positive conversation around sexuality and sex. Sex positive involves having positive attitudes about sex and feeling comfortable with one's own sexual identity and with the sexual behaviors of others, and destigmatizing sex. 

We are looking for original, sexy, funny and controversial pieces that will spark conversations. Aftercare will feature poetry, short plays, fiction, and nonfictions pieces as well as tasteful photography. 

Submission Guidelines:

Poetry: No more than 6 at a time

Fiction: No more than 3 at a time

Nonfiction: No more than 3 at a time

Short Play: No more than 1 with a limit of 10 to 15 pages

Photography: 10 to 15 photos


Please refrain from having your name on the document itself. That includes the heading and footer.

Send up to 3 pieces of non-fiction, no more than 2,500 words each. Please put them both in one document. These are personal essays or memoir-style essays that follow the literary qualities of creative nonfiction, such as using a first-person point of view to reflect on your past, or incorporating creative research or immersive journalism in order to show insight into a topic. Again, submit all of your non-fiction pieces in a single file, and clearly identify each title in the body of the email. (Title A/Title B/Title C.)


We’re not going to reject your story if it has an error or two in it, but do your best to proofread your piece before sending. Please make sure that you read your work out loud. We might get tired of reading and that would be a shame to everyone.

Please refrain from having your name on the document itself. That includes the heading and footer. 

If you’re sending multiple pieces, that’s fine. Please clearly indicate each story in a single file, and create a title in the body of your email using the following format: Title A/Title B/Title C.

Send up to 8 poems in a standard font. We read blind, so keep your name off the work itself and the file name. Again, submit all of your poems in a single file, and clearly identify each title in the body of the email. (Title A/Title B/Title C.). We just want to know the names of what you submit so when we go back to send you a decision letter we know who wrote what wonderful piece.

Make sure to check your work for errors. This is even more important with poetry. We want your work to look exactly like you mean it to look.


We want to read your play blind, so make sure that you do not include your name on the work or file name, but please make sure to include the title of your play on the first page.

We are not going to reject your play over a few spelling mistakes, but we want you to be sure of what you are writing. If you have any questions on whether or not something will work in your play, please feel free to contact us.

We would only like one play or play excerpt submission per submitter. All manuscripts sent to us should be no longer than 15 pages. If your play is longer than 15 pages that is no problem. Just send us the best 15 pages from your play.

We also ask for this category that you include a brief synopsis (100-150) words that includes a character breakdown in your email.


We want to enjoy your graphic novels/comic/cartoon strips blind, so make sure that you do not include your name on the work or file name, but please make sure to include your name in the email.

We want to see the best that you have and therefore, do not have any strict guideline for this category. We are searching for work that is remarkable and pressing boundaries but is not homophobic or racist in any way.

As it comes to a page limit, we recommend that you as an artist should be able to say and illustrate what you want in the amount of space that you need. Therefore, there are no page limits.


If your piece does not fit in any of our designated categories, feel free to submit them anyway. And if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Now this is the only category that has the least requirements. We would like to pair our stories and poetry with a strong visual, and we would like those to come from you. Our only requirement is that the work belongs to you and that it comes to us in at least 970×970.

You may submit up to 12 images at a time. We are looking for photographs, paintings, or other artistic images.

We are starting to expand into other forms of publication. If you have a novella or chapbook manuscript that you would like us to take a look at please submit it here. We will take our time to fully appreciate your work, and that means that you might not hear from us for a while. But we are still considering your work. 

The Paragon Press & Pharmacy Theatre