The Paragon Press is an small independent publishing house that publishes literary magazines, chapbooks, and novellas. 

The Pharmacy Theatre is a small experimental theatre in Central Pennsylvania.

The Press accepts submission year round and decisions will come out on a rolling basis. If you do not hear back from us within 30 days please feel free to send our publisher, Austin Shay, an email at He will be happy to answer that question for you.

The majority of the Paragon Press publications are online only, so there will not be a physical copy of the publication. If this is something that bothers you please do not submit. 

We require First Serial Rights as well the right to Archive your submission. All copyright revert back to author after publication.

We also do not pay our authors, so if you are accepted do not ask for payment because we will automatically deny your submission after that.

If your piece is accepted, we will take your submission as permission to publish if we do not hear back from you.

The Martian Chronicle will be published yearly during the first week of August. 

The Martian Chronicle follows the same submission guideline as The Paragon Journal: click here to find those guidelines. The Martian Chronicle is looking for pieces that exemplify post-surrealism, post-romanticism, explosionism, impressionism and modern art is all welcome at the Martian’s table. The submission categories are poetry, reverie, reviews, short stories, photography, paintings, or ANY other newness on the creative-cutting edge of Humanities are warranted, wished-wantings of The Paragon Journal's summer sister-segment.

All inquiries, submissions, and cosmic communication should be directed to

The Paragon Press & Pharmacy Theatre